The Sleepyhead Dwarf


The dwarf that calmly sleeps at the crossroads of Odrzańska and Św. Mikołaja Street, next to the entrance to Dwarf City. A unique kind of guard, who spends most of his time in the arms of Morpheus…

This is the dwarf that was told to keep watch over the entrance to Dwarf City. Unfortunately, he was idle and lazy since forever, so he didn’t treat the task seriously enough and as he leaned on the stone structure, he fell deeply asleep. He awakes only from time to time when a scent of delicious food starts to float around. Currently nobody is able to say whose idea it was for Sleepyhead to take this post, but the author must have noticed the mistake because he or she doesn’t admit it anymore. It is also unclear why the Wrocław Dwarf Committee doesn’t relief Sleepyhead of his duty. Some say that the gates to Dwarf City are so small that there is no risk whatsoever of anyone intruding. Better to keep this dwarf on a meaningless post than trust him with something more important. Another theory says that the loud snoring of Sleepyhead poses as a signal and helps to find the actual entrance. There are even voices saying that he will wake only when the Garrison Church is endangered. There are rumours that it is thanks to him that the roof fire in 1975 was extinguished, because he got up right in time to warn people. Perhaps this is the reason for no one trying to fire this peculiar, unique guard.

Even the eldest dwarves don’t remember him waking up for longer than it’s necessary to eat the evening meal. Quite uninterested in what is going around, a short while after having something to eat he stretches lazily, slurps a little and closes his eyes. Once in a while he wakes up, looks into the sun, mumbles something under his nose. It would be very naïve to think that one has even a chance of exchanging a few words with him. Waking Sleepyhead up is not an easy task and if you succeed, the most that you’ll get is a reluctant look from under the hat together with being ignored. Apparently there were some people who managed to get some words in Ancient Dwarfish from Sleepyhead, however due to our care for the readers we shall not translate them…


The Halberdier


This dwarf is sometimes called the Halberdier. He’s the most vigilant among all dwarves of Lower Silesia. Hiding from the eyes of tourists he resides in a niche above the entrance to Wrocław’s City Watch precinct in the Market Square. As a member of the law enforcement he is responsible for maintaining order among dwarves.

Guard belongs to the group of dwarves that don’t like to stand out, so he is not easy to spot. An indefatigable keeper of order, he does his duty day and night, vigilantly watching for signs of misdemeanour and unlawful conduct. And since everything is more visible from above, he doesn’t leave his post even for a second in fear of missing something. Wrocław City Watch (which enlisted Guard as an honourable officer) values the cooperation very highly. He is said to be involved in putting away the Prisoner and catching the perpetrators of the April Fool’s Day Street Name Switch Operation.

Although many speak highly of his vigilance and professionalism, little of you know that he became a guard by pure coincidence. Apparently, many years ago a dwarf rogue embarrassed him by signaling an upcoming danger and waving in the opposite direction. The scamper escaped quickly with his loot, while Guard got so excited by his role that he keeps his watch until today, because… nobody has called him off yet! As time went by, he gained experience and felt the calling, thus becoming the most vigilant of all dwarves in Wrocław. He makes all the villains and pickpockets and other dangerous individuals afraid. Having in mind his beginnings as the Guard, he was not content with the appearance of Columnists who with no lesser attention watch the streets from their lamps in search for danger. When informed that some light-hearted dwarves decided to climb above the heads of Humans and watch the neighbourhood from an undwarfly height, he snorted with disapproval ‘Amateurs!”.

In the end, by order of Papa Dwarf he had to share his responsibilities with the Columnists and they had to accept his superiority. Even today though, Guard speaks of the Columnists with some kind of disregard.

Prisoner Dwarf


Day by day he remains behind thick bars by ul. Więzienna. To his leg a heavy ball and chain are cuffed. What is he guilty of? That information’s been lost for a while.

Sources state different versions of the story of how he got to be imprisoned. Might be that he was convicted for an anarchistic crime of shaving off his beard – conduct unworthy of a true dwarf. Others say that he was once called Lazy and overslept the annual dwarf parade for which he was sentenced. But the truth is quite different. He was guilty of uncontrollable appetite.

Glutton (as he used to be called) and the Dumplinger were once best friends. They both came to Wrocław drawn by the famous taste of local dumplings. They even sometimes took them from surprised tourists. Their ways diverged when Glutton ate his friend’s dumplings.

Stealing food from Big Humans is not considered a crime by dwarves. Just an innocent hobby. However, stealing from another dwarf is a serious offence. Dwarves are tolerant and believe that others can change, so Glutton was ordered community work – that is keeping an eye on the vats of souring milk. As you all know, such milk is created when dwarves pee into a regular one.

This task was unfortunately beyond him. He drank all the milk making it impossible fordwarves to do one of their main duties. Finally, the Dwarf Committee decided to put him behind bars by Więzienna Street.

He remains there up to today, and hardly anyone remembers his true name now. It can be only uncovered from the dusty Court Registers. All of us know him as the Prisoner. He kept only his appetite. His favourite meals are pies with hidden metal files.

Wroclaw’s Dwarfs History

Welcome to discover the Wroclaw’s Dwarfs history! The most magical thing that you can find in Wroclaw is those special Dwarfs. You can find anywhere in this awesome city. Sometimes is difficult to see it but if you pay attention you will bé surprised. The legend that came from an enchanted land to hunt a troll who stole food to the inhabitants of Wroclaw says. It was a small gnome population size bottle, which emerged in the early ’80s, and today still hiding and busy with their chores scattered throughout the city and accounted for more than number 175. However, real story is more beautiful than any fairy tale. In the 80s, the Polish communist regime faced required a lot of courage and ingenuity. Members of Pomaranczowa Alternatywa (Orange Alternative) were noted for their creative use of absurdity and nonsense in complaining. Began his career painting dwarves on paint stains on the walls covering the anti-government graffiti. Dwarves present everywhere soon became symbols of the Polish dissident, came to life and hundreds of people dressed as orange dwarves began demonstrating in the streets demanding the resignation of things like Gargamel. Some of these dwarfs were stolen as souvenirs or memories of another time. But in 2001, were restored as the emblem of the city and today they have become a nice tourist attraction adorning its streets. There are many people who hunt routes in search of the image of each and every one of the gnomes. Therefore, it should be aware: first to avoid tripping over them and second to keep track of them. Poland-2012-87_web-lrg It starts with just one of them. One little guy, all bronzed and steady, looking up at you from a pavement in Wroclaw. He’s a blend between a gnome and a dwarf – for the sake of this conversation, let’s call him a gnome. This guy isn’t your usual garden variety, though. He’s a symbol of a dark period of history in Poland and a peaceful campaign that helped bring it to an end. New gnomes arrive every year, gradually populating more and more streets in Wroclaw.